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I offer Different styles of  yoga workshops. Beginner yoga,where I introduce you to  some yoga history. I teach you some of the fundamental yoga poses. In a slow and easy way to understand everything. I also offer Vinyasa with Ashtanga roots. Giving some history on the Ashtanga practice and the style of breathing used.  I do candle lit deep stretching. I also really enjoy teaching yoga workshops in martial art studios along with boxing clubs. Let me bring the style of yoga you're looking for to you!!! Contact for appointments and pricing! Not in the area? I also do Personalized yoga videos! Please feel free to contact me to discuss in more detail!

personalized Yoga

Looking to work on some specific goals for yourself with yoga? There are so many benefits of this way of life!Yes, A way of life! Its  much more than just the poses(asanas). It can truly help you with staying focused. Stress levels,feeling younger,self awareness and appreciation. Plus, so much more!!! Here we can have a one on one consultation to set some goals.  I am able to make personalized videos for you to follow in the privacy of your home or where ever you are. We can also work live over web cam . If your local and prefer one on one in person we can discuss that, too. It can also be with groups! I have experience teaching seniors and young children and all in between. Lets talk!

Chair Yoga for everyone!!!

Chair yoga for everyone! This is great way to learn to practice yoga at the office, easily at home or while traveling. I will show you how you can use a chair to practice yoga anytime and anywhere.
Chair yoga is often misunderstood to be an age specific practice. However, the truth is we could all benefit from learning to practice this way. In an age where we spend long hours sitting at a desk, meetings, traveling in a car or a plane, learning to practice in this way will truly reward your mind,body and spirit! It can be done in short amounts of time to fit your schedule. I can make videos for you to follow at the office,home,traveling(on a plane),just about anywhere. I also can do in person group classes at your place of business. Book a workshop as well! Feel like coming into a yoga studio?I can book that too. Some of the things you will learn:
  •  how to  use your breath (pranayama) and connect it with your poses(asanas).
  • learn poses that have different levels(modifications) to fit your level from Beginner to experienced!
  • explore using your dristhi (focus point) for concentration.
  • Improved flexibility. Flexibility allows us to do the activities we need and love to do, from twisting while driving to bending over to play with children.
  • Better concentration. Incorporating breath work with the poses can help clear your brain of unwanted thoughts, improve mood and decrease stress.
  • Increased strength. Body strength enables us to withstand falls and injury and helps us with balance.
  • Reduced joint strain. Chair yoga reduces the strain on joints and muscles, which allows someone who is unable to stand for traditional yoga an opportunity to practice too.
  • Portability and convenience. You can do chair yoga nearly anywhere you can find a place to sit.

Who might enjoy this practice? Seniors who find it difficult to get down on a yoga mat. People who want to try something new. Experienced students who want to have some fun trying a new style/approach.
Great place for beginners Those who work in the office for long periods!





Nowadays, companies become increasingly aware of the massive importance of workplace wellness. They know that if they’ll take good care of their employees, the employees, in return, will take good care of the company.
Corporate yoga in particular has been rapidly gaining popularity in the past decade. And while most people see yoga as a great great way to relax in the middle of a busy day at the office, it’s definitely not its only benefit.


News flash: yoga is a phenomenal tool for increasing productivity! Especially office chair yoga. 

If you have  a chair you can do it!Let me show you how.

Smile, Love, Eat Healthy

Corporate Chair Yoga at UPMC Pinnacle Health Harrisburg live-streamed and recorded
Corporate Chair Yoga at UPMC Pinnacle Health Harrisburg live-streamed and recorded
 Corporate Chair Yoga
Corporate Chair Yoga
Corporate Chair Yoga Phillips Office Solutions
Corporate Chair Yoga Phillips Office Solutions
Corporate Chair Yoga UPMC Pinnacle Health
Corporate Chair Yoga UPMC Pinnacle Health